7 Reasons to Purchase a Mobile Home

7 Reasons to Purchase a Mobile Home

With the sharp rise in single-family house prices over recent years, many are turning to mobile homes to realize their dreams of homeownership faster. But did you know that this type of dwelling offers more than financial benefits?

Compared to a rental unit (or a condo), there are several perks to living in a mobile home! Mobile home ownership may even be more profitable than with a so-called traditional residence.

Attractive Prices

The price of a mobile home is indeed far lower! According to the website Centris, the median price observed for a dwelling of this type—corresponding to a two- or three-bedroom apartment—in July 2023 was $160,000. An ideal situation for first-time homebuyers. They can live in a mobile home for a few years as they save for larger downpayment for a second property. It should be noted that a downpayment isn’t always needed to purchase a mobile home.

No Immediate Neighbours

This is a noteworthy advantage! One potential downside of living in a condo or rental apartment is the uncomfortable proximity with your neighbours: above, below, on either side. Mobile homes offer significantly more privacy, in addition to a yard where you can set up a dining or play area, for example.

Factory Built

A mobile home is typically constructed in a factory, according to strict production standards. Therefore, you can be certain that you’re buying a quality home. If you opt for a new mobile home, factory manufacturing also means you can expect the house to be delivered on time (indeed, rarely do external factors such as weather impact the building process).

No Notarized Paperwork

As a notary is not required for this type of real estate transaction, you will save on this professional’s fees. But you can still hire a real estate agent if you decide to opt for a mobile home. From start to finish, they can help at every stage of the process, from finding the property that best suits your needs to securing a fair purchase price.

Niche Neighbourhoods

You will easily find the exact type of community you wish to live in since mobile home parks are typically geared toward a specific clientele. For example, some have been planned with retired residents in mind while others have been tailored to the needs of young families. In this regard, 25 years ago, it was rare to see children in a mobile home park, but today it’s common. You could likewise choose a park near services and entertainment venues, such as a corner store or a beach. Sometimes, park residents even form quite close-knit communities, just like in a campground.

Not Responsible for Utilities

Usually, a mobile home owner cannot purchase the land on which this type on dwelling is installed: the entire park belongs to a single landlord who rents each lot. All the owners—or, more precisely, tenants—can enjoy utilities, such as a sewage system and snow removal, for a monthly fee, without the worry of having to deal with breakdowns.

Taxes Calculated Only the Home’s Value

Due to the low value of mobile homes, owners pay minimal municipal and school taxes as these are calculated based on the real property’s value and not the land’s (which they do not own, anyway).

Important Facts to Keep in Mind

  • Not owning the land on which the building rests can become an issue for mobile home owners because no law exists protecting them if the park owner decides to sell. However, the latter must give residents six months’ notice to move out. A mobile home can be moved to a new location.
  • When acquiring a mobile home, the mortgage you will take out with a financial institution will not be called an “immovable hypothec,” but a “movable hypothec.” A combination between a real estate loan and a car loan, this type of mortgage is in fact a legal guarantee generally granted by the debtor to the creditor for repayment of the debt. Conversely, because the purchase price of a mobile home is low, the buyer may decide to contract a personal loan instead, which they may do at most financial institutions.


Mobile homes are gaining quite a following! Visit some mobile home parks and see for yourself the kind of life that awaits you. You may be pleasantly surprised!

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