5 Tangible Actions to Preserve Your Mental Health While Working From Home

5 Tangible Actions to Preserve Your Mental Health While Working From Home

More and more of us are getting to enjoy earning a living from the comfort of our own homes. Telework is now widespread whether full time or in a hybrid model. Some people, however, are negatively affected by this type of lifestyle.

Indeed, missing regular human interaction and being stuck between the same four walls can have undesirable effects. If this is the case for you, you may benefit from modifying your home and routine to combat the potential consequences of remote working on your mood and mental wellbeing.  

Set Up Your Home Office Near a Window

Natural light is your ally against seasonal depression, which usually appears in the fall. It helps your body produce the vitamin D it needs, namely, to maintain energy levels and mood. You can’t get too much natural light, even in summer. Consider setting up your office where it will receive the most sun exposure! If you can’t, take your breaks outside.

Keep Regular Working Hours

It can be very tempting to keep going on into the evening or get a few extra hours in after the kids have gone to bed when working from home. But this form of time management may turn into a vicious circle. For example, you will be perceived as being “too” productive and will be asked to take on a larger workload. Your boss and colleagues may likewise begin to think that you are always available. Unless you are under a tight deadline, avoid working long hours when at home.

Exercise or Meditate

You’ll feel better if you take advantage of your coffee or lunch break to be physically active! Especially if you have spent the entire morning sitting. Go for a run, do yoga or lift some weights. Even a simple walk can do wonders for your morale. Plus, these practical actions are great ways to give you mind a quick reboot! Meditation is also a tried-and-true method for when you need to clear your head.

But how can you incorporate exercise or meditation into your routine and avoid reverting to old habits? By creating a dedicated zone for that activity in your home. You will be far more likely to stick with it if you have an area set up with all the essentials.

Maintain Your Productivity

If you tend to be less efficient at home than at the company office, you may be disappointed with how unproductive you are when working remotely. This can really hurt your drive … and get you into a bad mood! The solution to staying motivated is to optimize your workflow. Easier said than done! But it is possible.

You could try developing a pleasant routine. For example, always start your day by tackling tasks that can be completed quickly so you can check them off your to-do list. Your sense of accomplishment will spur you on to maintain this momentum! Or share your first morning coffee with a colleague via video chat to truly feel that you are part of a team.

Decorate Your Workspace

Working hunched over the kitchen table is far from ideal: it is as bad for your body as it is for your mind! You must be comfortable! Set up an ergonomic office area somewhere in you home. It can even be a basic shelf in the entryway. We recommend that you avoid  choosing the bedroom if you can, as it should be reserved for resting. The next step is to personalize the space so that you enjoy spending time there. Decorate with pieces of art, paintings, or photos from your travels.

Your mental health must remain a priority! We hope that making these changes will help you learn to love teleworking even more.

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